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4 Ways to Ditch the Boring Wine Bag

If you love to give wine as a gift but you’re always presenting it in a gift bag, you’ll be thrilled to know that there are more interesting options when giving someone a gift of wine in a bottle. For starters, a unique wood wine box is a way to give someone wine that probably won’t be forgotten any time soon. Let’s take a closer look at the wood wine box option, along with other ideas that you should consider.

1. Wood Wine Box

A wood wine box is something that will stand out, especially if you write the name of the recipient on the box using a gold or silver metallic marker. The box alone is a great way to provide a bottle of wine as a gift in a way that looks amazing. It’s a personalized gift idea that people absolutely love because rarely are they expecting a gift that looks so elegant.

2. Fabric Wrapped Bottle

A wine bottle wrapped in fabric is something that has grown in popularity, but it isn’t common enough that it will be expected. It will still be a unique presentation because you can choose to use any cloth that you prefer, including materials with different textures and designs. Just don’t forget the cloth ribbon!

3. Floral Bouquet

Another way to give a gift that looks interesting and completely different than what you would usually see is by getting a bouquet of flowers wrapped in paper and placing a bottle of wine in the center of the flowers. In necessary, you can secure the floral arrange with the bottle of wine using a larger ribbon than what came with the flowers. It will look absolutely amazing and can serve as two separate gifts. This is great for a birthday present or a congratulatory gift.

4. Metallic Wrapping Paper

Depending on your color preference, metallic wrapping paper in deep purple with a silver ribbon is a amazing combination. Another stunning option is gold metallic paper with a black ribbon. Either way, you simply need to wrap the wine bottle in the paper and secure it with a ribbon of your choice. You can also write a message on the outside of the wrapping paper using a metallic marker in a color of your choosing.

Most of the options for decorating a bottle of wine will enable you to still use a unique wood wine box for the gift. The wine box can be engraved or customized in some other way for an extra special touch. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving a gift in a wine bag, there are fresh ideas that will be enjoyed and appreciated by the recipient.