Monthly Archive: May 2019

6 Tips for Maintaining a Flat Roof

Flat roofing is a durable surface that lasts for years when the proper maintenance and care is taken. Many commercial buildings prefer this type of roofing due to easier access for repairs and cleaning. Below are six tips for maintaining your flat roof properly.

1. Have Your Flat Roof Inspected Every Year

Many property owners regret skipping an all-important annual inspection of a flat roof. Inspections by roofing specialists can often determine weaknesses and areas that need small repairs before it leads to big failures and expensive replacement. It’s worth taking the time and spending a few dollars to have it looked over carefully by an expert.

2. Install Excellent Drainage

Drainage is a critical part of keeping flat roofing Toronto from experiencing premature breakdown and failure. You want the weight of water from rain or melted snow to leave the roof as quickly as possible. Keep your drainage systems free-flowing and clear of leaves and trash. A clogged drain will not allow the water to drain and you can end up with a flooded interior if the water breaks through the ceiling.

3. Look for Areas of Pooled Water

Take a look at the surface of your flat roof after it rains. You might have an impending problem if you notice areas where water collects and pools. Take note of these spots and bring out a professional to see about leveling the surface.

4. Get Leaks Repaired Fast

A leak in flat roofing can lead to extensive water damage quickly. Have any known leaks fixed right away. Most small leak repairs can be repaired fast and are relatively inexpensive. It’s a smaller investment than having to repair the interior of the building or equipment that gets water damaged.

5. Remove Any Debris

Check the roof periodically to see if any debris has blown on top by the wind or falling limbs. Avoid storing any items on top that can be blown around during high winds. It can hit your flashing or vents and cause extensive damage.

6. Watch the Weight Applied to the Surface

Hire professional roofers to clean and repair a flat roof. Roofing experts know the weight tolerance of your roof and will not have excessive amounts of equipment or people that can cause a collapse. It can lead to expensive repairs and serious injuries.

Your flat roof will give you many years of faithful service if it’s maintained and kept in good repair.