Why I Love Words

If you’re a writer, there’s a good chance you love words and everything they can do for you. Some feel good when they’re just rolling off the tongue, and some just have a lot of meaning behind them that makes them pack a punch whenever they’re spoken. Either way, we keep coming back to them: we’ve all read a book, and we all like to dive back into a favourite childhood novel or the brand new detective thriller from time to time.


And it’s through this we see how much words really have to them! For example, if you’ve ever been struck by a random thought, or maybe find yourself wondering off into a stream of consciousness whenever you have a free afternoon, it’s most likely you’ve been using words!

Language Has a Lot of Power

With words, we can talk, describe, create entire worlds with our imagination, and make art on top of that. Bedtime stories become lots more magical when we have them read to us, and on top of that, remember that the written word is the most creative innovation since we learned to draw on cave walls.

The english language itself is one of the most powerful ideas in the world, and it has a long, long history behind it. Formed of a bunch of different languages all thrown together into a mixing pot, it’s easy to understand if you’re of European or American descent. So, when you know how to speak English, the third most common language in the world, you’re guaranteed to find a speaker on any part of the globe. Check out the author of “Effortless English: Learn To Speak Like A Native” if you want something accessible and easy to get to grips with, or to recommend to a friend.

Communication Keeps Us Together!

Communication: it keeps families together and helps us get closer to other people. Speaking is the easiest way to make friends with someone, but when it comes to communication, being able to use words and ways around words is the most efficient skill to have. Words only reveal so much after all, and you can use them in any way you want, so turning to other areas is what words allow us to do to showcases more detail.

Simply put, when you can’t use word, you turn to gestures. If they’re not enough, you turn to body language. Words can reveal what’s not there just as much as they physically tell us what is! Being able to communicate gives us independence and clarity when it comes to our surroundings.

No matter who you are, words allow you to express yourself in obvious and subtle ways. It matters to the personal, to the private, and to the business and the public. If corporations couldn’t communicate to us, they wouldn’t be able to sell anything! We fear what we don’t understand, so opening up the world like this is the way forward! Pick up a pen and start writing today.