When The Going Gets Tough, Think What Bear Grylls Would Do

We’ve all watched, and been enthralled by, Bear Grylls at some point. His survival skills and enthusiastic persona manage to win us all round. You can’t help but stop what you’re doing and listen to what he has to say. This army boy has taught most of us a thing or two about the weird things we can eat, and how to get ourselves out of a fix with urine.

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But, more than that, survivalists like Bear can teach us how to cope with everyday struggles. Because, no matter how comfortable your situation, you’re sure to come up against it every now again. Whether you’re dealing with a difficult situation for your child, or coping with a disaster in the home; it doesn’t matter. These three lessons from Bear will always see you through.

Know your stuff

No matter what, Bear knows his stuff. Knowledge is always the best way to deal with adversity. How you acquire that knowledge is down to you. It may be that you choose to follow blogs like Prepared Bee who, much like Bear, can teach you a thing or two about survival. Or, it may be that you have to research your rights to deal with a difficult work situation. If, as mentioned above, your child is the issue, you might just choose to talk to them about what’s been happening. In all these situations, rushing in without knowing what to do could make things worse. Instead, take your time. Research and prepare, so that you stand a better chance of coping when the time comes.

Use what you’ve got

When it comes to survival, it’s all about using what you have. No matter what, Bear can make a fire, find some food, and even provide water without a source… While you probably won’t have to go that far, this is another crucial lesson. Whenever bad things happen, we can waste time wishing we had more ways to cope. If only you had more money to deal with that leak. If only you were in a position to give that bully what for.

But, wishing doesn’t do anyone any good. Instead, work with what you have to face the situation. This could involve anything, from finding online DIY solutions to turning to your support network. Life rarely hands us a card we aren’t equipped to deal with. Remember that, and look around you.

Positivity can take you far

Everyone knows that it’s Bear’s positive attitude which makes him so darn watchable. He doesn’t sit back when ‘the only route’ is blocked with fallen trees. He approaches the impossible with a positive attitude and manages to beat the odds. Sure, he’s on television. We’d all probably be the same in his position. But, it isn’t a bad attitude to have. If you approach everything as though you can’t overcome it, you won’t. But, if you keep coming at the issue from different angles, you’ll find a through-point. You just need to stay positive and believe.