Psychological Tricks For Mastering Your Workout & Fitness

Whatever it is that you want to achieve with your fitness, you will find that your psychology is one of the most important elements of all. The way that you approach the subject mentally has a profound effect on how likely you are to see the results you want, and that is something that is worth remembering, particularly if you are starting to struggle to achieve your own fitness aims and goals. As it happens, there are a number of distinct and easy psychological tricks which you should consider if you truly want to master your workout and fitness regime. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most important and relevant of these now.


Do It For You

You might well have been inspired to workout or improve your fitness because of other people, or the culture more generally. This is perfectly natural, and it’s the kind of trap that many of us fall into at many times throughout our lives. However, it is not the healthiest approach, and it has actually also been shown that if you are thinking too much of other people, the effects are reduced. Your psychology really does have a direct effect on your workout, and if you are doing it for others, to appear better to others, and so on, then you will find you don’t get quite the results you actually want. You must make sure you are doing it for you, otherwise you won’t see the results you want.

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

When you are just starting out and trying to improve your fitness, it can also be tempting to begin to compare yourself to those around you. You will see other people at the gym who are more advanced along the process o getting fit, have bigger muscles and so on, and you might find yourself asking are they on steroids, what am I doing wrong, and so on. But this thinking will not actually get you very far, and it certainly won’t bring about the results you are hoping to see. Instead, stop comparing your own results and process to others, and just focus on being yourself and going at your own pace. This is the only real way to master your own fitness.


If you have not yet discovered the power of visualisation, it is something you will want to look into. Visualisation might seem like soft science, but there’s actually a lot of evidence to suggest that it is hugely powerful in helping you to achieve pretty much any result you want – and it works in the world of fitness as well. Every morning, close your eyes and visualise as strongly as you can the kind of results you want to see. This will make it easier to do so, and you will find that you see the results much faster on the whole. If you don’t believe it, just try it for a week and see what happens.