What Makes The Perfect Gift?

Finding the right gift for your loved ones can be difficult. Socks, toiletries and chocolates often end up being the generic gift of choice when stuck for ideas. Sure, it’s the thought that counts – but how much thought really goes into a pair of socks?


The perfect gift needs to be a little creative and mindful. It needn’t cost a lot of money. Here are just a few ideas for creative gifts that could be worth considering for your friends and relations.

Offer an experience

A new experience can be a great gift for someone who already had every material item going. Some companies offer set experience packages. These include thrill-seeker experiences such as sports car track days, hot air balloon rides and pilot lessons. They also include more leisurely experiences such as restaurant meals, wine tasting experiences and spa days. There are also spectator events to consider such as concerts, sports games and theatre productions. You could even buy someone a holiday. These experiences can be expensive, although you can save money on them through voucher sites such as Groupon. An experience could also be a joint gift.

Personalise it

There are many ways of personalising gifts. This could include bespoke clothing and accessories. The likes of Jaubalet Paris jewellery can provide custom made items. Many companies meanwhile provide monogrammed clothing.

You may alternatively be able to provide an item with a personal message scrawled onto it. This could be a chocolate plaque with a message iced onto it. There are even companies such as Getting Personal that can engrave a message on a steel phone case or onto a lighter.

A personalised gift could even be a memory. This could be a photograph or a souvenir from a time you and your loved one shared together. Such a gift can invoke good memories and strengthen the bond between you.

Put time into it

Often, putting time into a gift shows a sense of commitment. This is often the case with hand-crafted gifts such as hand-knitted clothing or a home-baked cake. Even if you don’t have a craft, there are still ways of pouring your time into a creative gift – photo collages and hand-picked music CDs can be a great example of this.

Ask what they want

Often the best way of securing a meaningful gift is to ask your loved one directly what it is they want. This way, you know that you’re buying a gift that will be used and appreciated. Try to keep the element of surprise by not letting them know you’ve bought the gift until they open it. You could even trick them with a decoy gift to make them believe you didn’t follow their wishlist. Maintaining an element of surprise will make the gift more exciting.