Solutions For 3 Of The Worst Hair Problems

Everybody has a bad hair day now and then, it’s just part and parcel of your daily routine. Dealing with a bit of dry hair from time to time is no big deal. But sometimes, you get issues with your hair that are more long term. Most of the time you’re probably trying to use different products to sort it out but if you getting it wrong you’ll just make it worse. The good news is that you aren’t alone and there is always a simple solution to these hair problems. To make life easier for you, we’ve put together a list of some of the worst hair problems and how you can fix them.


Hair Loss

Hair loss in women is a problem that’s criminally overlooked because most people don’t think it exists. Hair loss in men is talked about all the time but nobody ever even acknowledges that it can happen to women as well. There are millions of women around the world suffering in silence with female hair loss, unaware that there is something they can do about it. When you first start to notice the signs of hair loss, there are specialist products that you can get to boost the volume of your hair and slow down the process. However, if you leave it a bit longer, you might need to use extensions. There are surgical options available like hair implants but there is no need to go for anything that drastic when the non-surgical options give you better results most of the time.

Oily Roots

You’re far more likely have had trouble with oily roots than you are to struggle with hair loss. It happens to most people at some point and it can get very frustrating when you’re washing it and using conditioner and it just stays oily whatever you do. The thing is, in your attempt to fix the problem, you’re actually making it a lot worse. When you shampoo your hair, you strip away all of the natural oils, encouraging your scalp to make more. You need to stop washing it so often so your scalp reduces the amount of oil it’s producing. It will get a little worse for a few days but then it should level itself out a bit.

The majority of people shampoo their hair every morning but that’s too often. The recommended amount is just once every two or three days. You can still rinse your hair with water, just don’t use too much product on it.

Dull And Dry Hair

When your hair gets a bit dull and dry there are products that you can use to try and breathe a bit more life into your hair, but sometimes that isn’t enough. The most likely reason for dull hair is that you aren’t washing it properly. When you’re rinsing the shampoo out of your hair, it’s important that you make sure the water is running completely clear before you put any conditioner in it. Another common cause is a lack of natural oils in the hair, if you use a brush with thick bristles and run it through your hair each day you can spread the oils through your hair better.

Your days of struggling with these hair woes are over!