Kicking Smoking to the Curb

Habits are just part of the human condition. Good habits, bad habits, everyone has them all the same. It is quite common to get used to them so much that people do not even attempt to change anything. Even silly things like constantly cracking your knuckles or neck, tapping your foot a bit louder than socially acceptable and not being able to keep proper eye contact during conversations. These are all pretty harmless let’s be honest, unlearning them would only be marginally beneficial, and would probably take much more effort than it is worth.


There are habits however which you should strongly consider getting rid off as soon as possible, let’s take smoking as an example. Not only does it cost you about as much as an annual family holiday, it is also heavily taxing on your health. Smoking exposes you to a plethora of serious health risks, long-term smoking can lead to much higher chances of developing heart disease, stroke and lung cancer. There are many other side effects, but that should be more than enough to get your motivated enough to finally try and rid yourself of this terrible habit.

Trying to lay off

First of all, let’s try to talk about stopping smoking entirely. After all, that is the ideal end result, sadly, combatting addiction can prove to be very difficult to just about anyone. The nicotine withdrawal combined with that incredibly powerful craving can be a much too overwhelming combo. The key is to not burn yourself out from trying to introduce too much change at the same time. Instead of smoking a pack a day, smoke just under a pack a day, then try and cut down the regular cigarette breaks more and more. Slow and steady does it, allowing your organism to gradually get used to the smaller daily doses of nicotine. Try to cut down as much as you can, but then again do not push yourself too hard. As an example, start smoking 1 or 2 cigarettes less a day for a week. After that you can start smoking 3 or four less a day, before you know it you will be smoking half a pack less daily.

Replacement method

If smoking is your comforting habit which you use to keep yourself busy during lunch breaks and such, try to replace it with something equally as engaging. Some people start snacking on things. Chewing on gummy candy is a common one since they take a long time to eat. Lollipops also do the trick for some people, maybe pretzels or something else equally as easy to eat which can keep your mind off smoking or stress.

If these means are not enough for you to keep the edge off, then consider getting yourself an E-Cigarette. Yes they might seem like all the rage and just a stupid fad at the moment, but there is actually some merit to using them. Due to a lot of the e-liquids still containing nicotine but in smaller amounts, this is another way of being able to slowly cut down without actually having to smoke less. This often satisfies the “comforting” part of smoking which smokers often desire on their work breaks and such. Not to mention the numerous different flavours which you can smoke instead of boring old no-filter Malboros. Companies like Ecig Wizard provide a plethora of different flavours of “juice” which are sure to keep you busy thinking about trying the next enticing flavour rather than reminiscing over the taste of traditional tobacco.


If simply trying to replace the habit with something else does not really work out, consider investing in nicotine patches. The often go-to brand of these is NiQuitin and looking at how much of established brand with a catchy name they are, it is no surprise. Not that you should not do your own research about nicotine patches, maybe you should ask some ex-smoker friends who maybe used them in the past for opinions or do some reading online. Nicotine patches essentially release small doses of nicotine into your body, without all the other more harmful substances commonly found in cigarettes. This allows you to slowly grow out of the habit of smoking itself, as well as keep the edge off of the famous nicotine craving. This not only allows you to think clearly without the constant nagging in the back of your head that you want a cigarette, but due to its non-intrusive nature, it allows you to carry on with your everyday tasks as normal.