5 Resolutions That Can Make Everyone Happier In 2018

This has become one of those things so cliched that we try not to think about it too hard. Every year it is the same. You stare down the barrel of another year, a million thoughts, ideas, hopes, wishes and projects tripping to the light fantastic as you plead with whatever is up high that the next 365 days will better than the last. You also know that, of the million whirring ambitions, you’ll be lucky if three or four come to fruition.


So why not make a real effort this and stick with resolutions that are worth sticking to, and what could be more important than keeping resolutions that directly affect your happiness, the amount you smile and your mental wellness.

Here are some of the small habits you can make in 2018 that will have a huge influence on your life. We promise.

  1. Seven Hours Of Sleep

Yes. That’s right. For 365 days, get at least seven hours of sleep each and every night. We all love to sleep. We all wish we could have four day weekends so that we can spend two days doing stuff and two days doing nothing. So, instead of cursing the bags under your eyes, set a “time for bed” alarm and get into the habit of getting some serious shuteye.

  1. Moisturise With Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen every time you go outside may seem a little excessive – sort of like getting chemotherapy because you have got a headache – but skin cancer is now the most common form of The Big C. It is only a small tweak to your daily routine, but by slapping on some SPF you will stay healthy (and stay younger-longer) for a whole lot longer.

  1. Conversations Not Chit-Chat

There is nothing wrong with joking around, having banter, laughing at the menial stuff and trying to theorise the three episodes of New Girl you just watched, so long as you throw some deep and meaningfuls into the mix every so often. Enjoy those conversations that matter more. The once that challenge us socially, intellectually and emotionally. The ones that help with mindfulness. These are becoming more and more rare, so make a note to have them now and again.

  1. A Better Outlet For Stress

Knowing how to manage your stress and what alleviates it quickest is crucial. Life is full of stresses and your being able to manage it is so important. That is why you need to find what calms you down. No more smoking, even if that means transitioning to the e juice craze to start with. Talk to that best friend you trust. Unfurl that yoga mat thrice a week. Go for a walk with your dog. Play with your kids. Meditate for five minutes each morning and night. Whatever works for you, find it and use it.

  1. No More Comparisons

We live in a day and age where we constantly compare our behind the scenes footage to other people’s highlight reels and it is so damaging to our mental health, or self-love and confidence. Whether you overcome this by limiting your hours on Instagram to twenty minutes a day, deleting all social media apps from your phone or just cutting everyone else – including yourself – more slack is up to you. But stop feeling the need to compare. Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind, and what you see online is never the entire picture. Remember that.