3 Grooming Tips To Make Your Life Easier

Every beauty routine is formed around some basic grooming tasks. This includes annoying things like shaving your legs, cleaning your face, applying your makeup, etc. For most women, these tasks are fairly boring and take a lot of time. Not to mention some of them need to be repeated time and time again, usually just before you go out.


Today, I’m going to make your life a lot easier by providing my top 3 grooming tips that take all the stress out of getting ready.

Laser Hair Removal

What’s the worst personal grooming task out there? Shaving. Shaving your legs, armpits, and anywhere else requires a lot of your time. It’s not something you can rush through as you need to ensure you don’t cut yourself or cause a shaving rash. To make matters worse, your hair grows back quickly, so you have to shave once every week or so. You can make this task a whole lot easier if you consider laser hair removal. As noted on the Dore Aesthetics websites, laser hair removal completely burns away hair follicles without damaging your skin. This leaves you feeling smooth, and with hair that takes much longer to grow back. You won’t have to constantly shave, and there’s no worry of shaving last minute before going out in a dress!

Plait Before Bed

Waking up in the morning to a mess of tangled and knotted hair is every girl’s nightmare. It means you have to spend way too long brushing the knots out, and you may have to get the straighteners out to deal with the situation. This eats into your morning ritual and means you’re always rushing everything else. Normally, this concludes with you doing the rest of your makeup as you sprint out the door. With one simple tip, you can prevent knotted and tangled hair every morning. All you have to do is wear it in a simple plait before going to sleep. This keeps your hair neatly plaited together, and you can remove it in the morning with no stress or worries. A quick brush is all you need, and the rest of your morning is dedicated to more pressing grooming matters.

Amass A Large Wipe Collection

Wipes aren’t as kind to your face as things like oils, micellar waters and cleansers, but they ARE your best friend when it comes to regular grooming habits. If you’ve got something that needs doing, there’s probably a wipe for it. Need to remove foundation? There’s a wipe for that. Need to get rid of pesky mascara? There’s a wipe for that. Wipes are incredibly convenient and easy to use. There’s no messing around with cotton wool and makeup removal solution, just pull out a wipe and let the magic happen. What’s more, you can take them with you, so you’ve got a skin cleaning solution wherever you go. This makes it so easy to remove your face after a long tiring day, ensuring you don’t neglect this grooming task and fall asleep with your makeup on.

Your grooming routine will be more stress-free, and you’ll have fewer excuses to skip certain steps.