When Sleep Kills

Everyone takes sleep for granted. It’s something that we do each night and comes naturally to us. There’s nothing to worry about when it comes to our sleep, right?


Wrong. In fact, there are lots of different sleep disorders that can affect our sleep patterns and cycles. Most of these leave us feeling tired and lethargic in the morning, but some can be a whole lot more serious. Some of the most serious sleep disorders can contribute to an early death and other serious health conditions. Still not convinced? Read on – but a word of warning: what you read might really shock you! We wanted to help raise awareness of some of these below. 

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a very worrying health condition for those who suffer from it. People who have this condition can stop breathing at random while they are asleep. This occurs because their throat muscles relax so much that they collapse in on themselves, completely blocking the airways. Some people stop breathing for just a few seconds while others might not be able to breathe until they end up waking themselves up. Thankfully, firms like MyCPAP now produce a variety of machines and equipment that can help patients get a better night’s rest. Even so, this condition is extremely worrying for everyone who suffers from it as they never know when it might strike next or how severe it will be.


It’s not possible to die directly from narcolepsy – this condition that causes people to fall asleep at random won’t kill you itself. However, it can put you in some very dangerous situations. For instance, a handful of sufferers have died after falling asleep while standing up. This caused them to fall over and hit their head on a hard surface. Some forms of narcolepsy even leave the individual paralyzed while they sleep, which can cause many different breathing troubles. If the muscles in the neck end up paralyzed, then the same issues as those with sleep apnea arise.


Insomnia is probably the most common sleep disorder and is certainly the most widely known. Thankfully, many of its sufferers are only affected by a mild form of the condition and find it very difficult to get to sleep at night. They might even wake up regularly throughout the night. Insomnia rarely leads to death directly, but the slight risk is always there. If you haven’t got any sleep for three or four days, it is important that you get seen by your doctor. They will also be able to prescribe you the correct medication. Generally speaking, anyone who is currently going through an alcohol addiction or mental health issues are extremely likely to suffer from insomnia, and these underlying conditions can make it much worse. They are also likely to make insomnia indirectly fatal.

So, as you can see, sleep has the potential to be quite dangerous! Thankfully, though, as long as you are getting a few hours of sleep each night, you don’t have to worry too much. It’s always worth visiting your doctor, though, just to see what they think.