Short On Space? Home Gym Equipment That Everyone Has Room For

The idea of a home gym is undoubtedly an attractive one. Rather than having to drag yourself to an actual gym, you have the flexibility to work out at home while watching your favorite shows on TV.


In fact, the only real downside of a home gym is that they tend to require a lot of space. Think of all the machinery you can buy, not to mention all the gizmos that are meant to make your exercise regime that little bit easier. It would be easy to spend so much you basically need an entirely new house for all the equipment — but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re short on space but still determined a home gym is for you, here are some pieces of equipment you can store without needing to move into a mansion.

Vertical Climbers

The clue is in the name with this piece of fitness equipment: vertical. Unlike rowing machines or treadmills, vertical climbers have a relatively small footprint because the majority of their function is vertically based. As well as being good for small spaces, these vertical climber reviews make it clear that a vertical climber is a great workout for the entire body — so definitely worth considering if you want to invest in equipment that can do it all.

Wearable And/Or Light Weights.

You don’t have to be lifting huge weights to feel the benefit of strength training. Adding small handheld weights when you go running, for example, will still mean that you have to work harder — which your fitness will benefit from. Wearable weights are even better for this purpose; wear them while doing housework for an extra fitness boost, and then you can just tuck them away in a drawer out of sight. Weights are small, effective fitness tools that are perfect if you’re short on space.

Swiss Ball

A Swiss ball may look like it takes up a lot of space, but you can always deflate it between workouts if you’re really struggling! Alternatively, just pop it on top of a wardrobe or even outside; they’re waterproof so should come to no harm. What’s more, Swiss ball exercises an incredibly effective way of staying in shape, especially if you need to tone and strengthen your core. Replace your desk chair with a Swiss ball for a constant, low-impact workout that will do wonders for your abs.

Skipping Rope


Finally, the humble skipping rope is given new life in the adult world — as an incredibly effective workout aid. Skipping burns a huge number of calories, so if you’ve got enough space to skip, then you should — it really is that simple. As for storing the rope between workouts, tuck it inside a pair of shoes and you’re done — easy!

As you can see, your home gym can offer a thorough workout even when space is at a premium. Enjoy all the luxuries of working out at home without having to surrender too much space!