Autumn Is The Perfect Time To Get Fit

As much as women should celebrate their curves, it’s also important to ensure that our bodies are fit, healthy and well nourished. We are goddesses, after all, and we deserve to be fit and healthy whatever shape or size we may be. The trouble is that there’s a whole lot of temptation on the way. Though we may do our best to eat healthily and look after our bodies, there are some inherent pitfalls that come with the fall season from pumpkin spice lattes (420 empty, sugary calories girls) to the inevitable boozy office Christmas parties to the carb-o-thon that is Christmas.

As the trees around you shake off the last of their summer cheer and the leaves turn brown as the skies turn grey and cloudy, it can be extremely difficult to find motivation. Getting up in the morning feels like a chore and your whole body feels leaden. Going to the gym is the last thing you want to do and you’d much rather pull the duvet over your head and bury yourself in a box of doughnuts. This isn’t because you’re inherently lazy, it’s because of the human hibernation instinct. Don’t let these feelings fool you, however. Autumn is actually the perfect time to get in shape.

Can’t it wait for New Year?

Many people throw themselves into the boozy gluttony of the holiday season with the vague assurance that we’ll ‘sort ourselves out’ in the New Year. While New Year’s resolutions are a promise we’ve been making to ourselves since the days of ancient Rome… But that doesn’t make it a good idea. The more you throw yourself into the seasonal excess, the more damage you’ll have to repair in the new year. Now’s the best possible time to get a head start and give your metabolism a boost to help you cope with the inevitable Christmas dinner and the odd calorific hot drink. Get yourself a new pair of trainers right here and get ahead of the curve. If the thought seems a bit daunting, it’s possible that you just need to fall in love with exercise again.  

Go back to school

The kids are back at school now and there’s a sense of adventure and optimism in the air. Now’s the best time to capitalise on it. If you’re still at school, college or uni, it’s the perfect time to learn a new sport or style of dance, join a society and improve your fitness while learning new skills and making new friends. Even if those days are some way behind you, there’s no reason why you can’t join a local class and reap the benefits. It beats the inevitable bustle of a busy gym full of New Year’s Resolutioners in January.

Get on your bike

Cycling is a great way to improve your fitness, tone your legs and bum and enjoy some of the beautiful autumnal scenery. Since new bike models come out in September, stores need to shift their old stock at heavily discounted prices so that now’s the best time to buy a bike.

However you choose to improve your health and fitness, you’ll find your new regimen a whole lot easier if you take the bull by the horns now rather than waiting for the advent of the new year.