Adding Elegance To An Everyday Look

Whenever we dress up night, perhaps for a night of cocktails with the girls, or a meal with the family or partner, it always feels amazing. Look glamourous boosts our confidence so much, that we end up strutting round wherever we are. So why don’t we add this touch of class to an everyday look? It’s easy enough to do, and can really skyrocket daily self confidence. Taking some inspiration from known fashion icons such as Kim Kardashian, and Rihanna, we’ll take a look at how you can boost your overall appearance. Be sure to make sure it suits your style though.



If there’s one thing no celeb leaves the house without, it’s jewellery. It has the ability to change an outfit completely. How much you wear, is up to you. Some say the more the better, some say being simplistic is key. Try experimenting and see what works best for you. Try big bold colourful earrings, big statement pieces for your neck (either silver or gold), and large gemstones rings for your hands. There are so many different designs and brands out there, from designer pieces, to styles from niche brands like Ritani (you can see their reviews here This will obviously only work for certain looks, e.g. if you’re going shopping with friends, or just generally out for the day running errands. Mix it up each day with the type of jewellery you wear, but you’ll have heads turning in no time.


There are so many ways that you can make your clothes look elegant, you just have to wear them right. Whether you have these items already or not, giving this look a go is a must. It’s all the rage at the moment for long t-shirt dressed to be all the rage. They’re casual, but elegant at the same time. Celebs such as Kylie Jenner started the trend, and ever since shops all over have been putting their own spin on the look. It’s a great outfit that can either be worn casually during the day, or as a classy night outfit. Sticking to basic colours, like black and grey, is better than going bright with this one, it helps to withhold the elegance. Accessorise with either a black clutch, or small over the shoulder handbag. Don’t draw too much attention away from the dress with a big clunky bag.

Shoes can literally make or break an outfit. Adding elegance via shoes is the easiest part. The main way of doing it, is by steering clear of trainers. If you’re going for a high end look, try heeled boots to begin with. A tan or black pair, even with jeans just adds a little bit of class compared to trainers. If you’re feeling daring, you could even try going out in heels. Celebs such as the Kardashians are rarely ever seen without a pair of heels on, no matter what the outfit. And it really does make them look classy. Knee high boots are so popular right now as well, especially during the winter months, again the Kardashians can be seen wearing them all the time. They’re the perfect mixture of comfort and class.