The Do’s & Don’ts Of First Date Shoes By Deichmann

While we’re all for championing wearing whatever you feel comfortable in, it’s funny to see the stats on what people deem appropriate, particularly in a partner. Below is a survey that Deichmann shoes conducted in regards to the do’s and don’ts of first date shoes, and while some of the results aren’t altogether surprising, it makes for a good read if you’re not sure how to rock your style and need a little bit of guidance.

So first little tidbit? Avoid socks and sandals if you are a man and ensure shoes are clean and tidy if you are a woman, a survey from shoe brand Deichmann has revealed.

The national survey of 4,507 UK adults has discovered that 66% consider a male partner wearing socks and sandals their biggest turn off on a first date, while 50% described scruffy or dirty shoes on a woman as their biggest no-no.

The survey has also revealed how to dress to impress after asking respondents their biggest footwear turn ons, with 52% being impressed by a male partner wearing real leather shoes and 56% being impressed by a female partner wearing high heels.

Men wearing brogues or boots also made a good first impression, with 25% and 20% of respondents listing them as footwear turn ons, while ankle boots (29%) and knee high boots (25%) were revealed to be the second and third biggest turn ons in a female partner.

When it comes to footwear turn offs on men, scruffy/dirty shoes and snakeskin shoes were also given the boot, with 39% and 27% of respondents describing them as a turn off.

Wellies and heels that are too high came in second and third as the biggest turn offs on ladies, with 31% and 26% of votes.

Deichmann also asked respondents to share memorable anecdotes of what they or their partner wore on a first date:

“She was wearing two different shoes, as she had been trying on a number of pairs before coming out. We had to spend the date in dark pubs or where she could sit down and hide her feet under the table.”

“My first date arrived wearing a nice top and dress, but completely ruined the experience by wearing white trainers, making me instantly think she hadn’t made much effort and lacked a sense of class.”

 “I tried to walk very elegantly in heels that were too high, lost my balance and ended up on my bum, very embarrassed and feeling stupid.”

“I got ready without putting my spectacles on and put on odd shoes. They were similar, but one had some kind of metal badge on the side. She never mentioned anything on the date, but the next time I saw her I thought I had better mention it. We are still together and have our 45-year anniversary this year!”

“He showed up in worn-out and dirty, yet brightly coloured trainers. I had already made up my mind that there would be no second date.”

“Running to catch last orders in a pub, in high platform shoes, went over on my ankle and broke it.”

“Once I had a date with this girl I fancied for ages back in the 90s, but was soon put off when she turned up in a shell suit and matching trainers.”

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