10 reasons why you NEED to start wearing hair extensions

Hair extensions not only add a few inches to the length of your hair, but they can be used to thicken, lighten, darken and give volume to your hair too. So, even if you have short hair they can completely transform your locks from flat to fabulous just with a few clip-in extensions. If you still aren’t convinced that hair extensions are for you, here’s ten reasons that might just get you to chat to your hairdresser about some options.

1 Pretty ponytails are easy

You could have an amazing ponytail like Ariana Grande and invest in a real hair ponytail extension to fix to your hair when you need that little bit extra to swish. Ariana’s pony isn’t real and it looks magnificent, “My real hair is back to brown and I wear extensions but I wear it in a pony tail because my actual hair is so broken that it looks absolutely ratchet and absurd when I let it down,” she said on Facebook, after so many comments on her unchanging ponytail look.

2 Hair highlights save hair from damage

If you’re after a few highlights in your hair but don’t want to damage it using dye, then extensions are your best bet. You could just have some lighter coloured extensions fixed into your hair and you’ll have a new look and beautiful hair that’s full of extra volume.

3 Longer lengths are instantly accessible

If you’re trying to grow your hair out, hair extensions will give you the hair you’re longing for instantly, while hiding the split ends you’re growing out in the mean time. As you can now buy real human hair extensions your hair will look irresistible, luminous and above all healthy while you’re waiting for yours to grow out.

4 Time is saved styling

You’ll never have a dull hair day again if you invest in some remy hair extensions that just clip in when you need them, adding instant volume and style. Because they are made from human hair they’re also just as easy to style with curlers or straightening irons depending on the look you’re going for on the day.

5 Confidence is given a boost

Having hair extensions might just give you that boost of confidence you need. You know that feeling when you leave the hairdressers and you feel like a goddess, well, hair extensions will make you feel like that just all the time.

6 Low maintenance means a lie in

Hair extensions are really low maintenance, so those mornings you’d rather have a lie in than get up and wash, dry and style your hair you can just reach for your extensions and enjoy instant effortless glamour. You’ll discover that your natural hair benefits from this too, as you’ll spend less time using your styling tools so it can repair and grow.

7 Fancier up-dos are easily done

If you want a fancy up-do for a wedding or special occasion but you don’t have enough hair then you can simply have some extensions fixed in and achieve that amazing up do that you’ve always wanted because there’s so much more hair to work with. You’ll also look gorgeous the next day when you unravel the look and reveal your new long wavy hair.

8 Healthier choice for your hair

Hair extensions are healthy for your hair, simply because you will give your natural hair a rest from products and heat, if it’s volumised with hair extensions. Also, because of the real hair in the extensions you shouldn’t have any visible dead ends, so your hair will look a lot healthier.

9 Non-committal length

Hair extensions are non-committal, so you can wear different hairstyles every day as long as you have enough hair extension accessories. You can even buy a human hair fringe from American Dream Extensions if you want to test a look before you have the chop or just fancy a fringe one day and no fringe the next.

10 Hide hair loss

Finally, if you’re suffering with hair loss, it can be not only distressing but also confidence diminishing to go out and about without your natural, full head of hair. However, hair extensions can help you largely when it comes to hiding your baldness. With the varieties of colours, styles and textures available, you can find hair that suits you and gives you back the confidence you deserve.

Feature image credit: Crown Couture

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