Offbeat Valentine’s Ideas

Christmas is a long way behind us now, but if you have a significant other, the spending doesn’t stop unfortunately. That’s right; Valentine’s Day is right around the corner – that day when the men buy the ladies flowers and the ladies buy the men chocolates and a nice card.

Now chocolates and flowers are the traditional gifts of love – but they’re also a little dull. So how about thinking of something a more off the beaten track as an addition to the more traditional gifts?

First off – how about helping your loved one get in touch with the other side? Medium readings can be absolutely fascinating whatever your beliefs are. Spiritual mediums are said to have the ability to act as conduits to communicate with the spirit world. It is said that mediums can communicate with people you were close to in life but who have passed away.

The experience of having an experienced medium take you the process is a truly enthralling experience for anyone – and is certainly a gift with a difference for your special Valentine that she or he will remember.

Of course, we’re all familiar with the endless stream of “experiential” gifts from scuba diving to parachuting, race driving to flying lessons, or simply a day at the health spa. These gifts can also begin to feel a bit “samey” but they’re still more original than the usual Valentine’s gifts and are often as creative as you make them. The companies providing such experiences compete hard to come up with new ideas all the time – and if you choose something the two of you can do together, then it’s still romantic.

But if we’re looking for something yet more offbeat like the medium reading – then how about a one-off intro session with a personal trainer? Obviously, one has to tread a fine line here as this could be construed as a little insulting if your loved one is overweight or tremendously unfit. But if s/he has spoken in the past of good fitness intentions – then it may be a welcome gentle introduction. And if they’re already fit but don’t use a trainer – then a one-off session may be enlightening.

And if you don’t like any of these – how about helping the target of your desires to find out the right colours for him or her? Colours have a far deeper and greater impact – not only on how we look, but on how we feel – than most people realise. So seeing a colour consultant can be great fun as a one-off experience, and a real eye-opener for many of us. And don’t make the mistake of thinking this is something more for females than the typical macho man; sex has no relevance here.

A qualified colour consultant will not only look at colours that suit you, but will also take into account your lifestyle, your existing clothing choices; which colours you tend to choose – and why that is. He or she will also analyse your skin tone and your hair and eye colours before producing a detailed colour swatch of colours to perfectly complement who you are, how you look – and what works best for you.

The results are often surprising and surprising our loved ones with something a little bit different on February 14th is what we’re trying to do here.