Festive Finances: Tips On Surviving The Spend!


Did you know that the average household spends up to £1000 on Christmas, and New Year? Buying lots of second cousins childrens presents, inviting the in-laws on the big day and all of those festive parties sure do take it’s toll on your finances. Wouldn’t it be nice to have enough money to see you throughout the festivities and not leave you firmly in the blue- Blue January that is!

There are ways to survive though that won’t break the bank, and won’t land you in hot water in the New Year. There are so many credit cards that offer 0% interest- why not take advantage of this and spread the payments out in the New Year? As long as you’re sensible, there’s no reason why this wouldn’t work- plus it boosts your credit rating at the same time. Alternatively there are catalogue companies like Studio or JD Williams (who also owns our favourite SimplyBe and Jacamo) that operate similarly to credit cards. There are also companies like Vivus. They are the “Little Loan” company and offer short term loans. They even offer half price interest to first time customers!

And for next year? Here are some top tips to survive Christmas 2017 (can’t believe I’m writing that!)

Start Saving Right Away

Don’t put it off. Start saving as soon you can. Simply Finance has a great calculator that shows you the magic of saving, and how much you’ll accumlate over the year. Treat it as a monthly expense and set up a direct debit to change money into a different account.

Start Buying Straight Away

Head to those sales and hunt for bargains that have longevity. I’m not talking about neon rainbow unicorn trainers- I’m talking the classics. A leather purse, gold earrings, those kind of products can carry a hefty discount come January 1st and will look just as good the following Christmas. If you bought a couple of presents a month, you’d ensure that you weren’t rushing around on Christmas Eve trying to find the perfect gift for that Auntie on his side you don’t really know but really want to make an impression.

Start Learning How To Make Things!

Crafty homemade gifts always go down a treat, and they needn’t be too complicated. I’m not talking about knitting an entire wardrobe, but why not kill two birds with one stone and pursue that hobby that’s been on the last 10 New Years Resolutions? Crochet is perfect for blankets- look how popular Mermaid Tail blankets are at the moment. Or maybe you could use the fruit and veg from your brand new grow your own  garden and make jams and chutneys? All you need are jars and pretty decorations and you’ve got the perfect gift for everyone.