The Best Steak In Leicestershire? A Miller & Carter Review

Ok, so I know it’s a bold statement to say that I’ve discovered the best steak in Leicestershire, but it’s true. It’s actually come right from the mouth of someone who is a steak fanatic. Who, even if we go to an Italian restaurant in ITALY will order the steak. The man loves a steak, what can I say. I myself am a big fan, as long as it isn’t too fatty and not on a bone- a different set of standards some may say. However, I really can’t fault my steak, it was delicious! So, where are these wondrous pieces of meat I hear you ask?

Miller & Carter in Rothley.

If you haven’t heard of Miller & Carter, I’ll give you a little update. They are a chain of steakhouses owned by Mitchell and Butlers, the same people that own the Harvesters, Toby Carvery’s etc that are aimed at a different market. While the Harvester and Toby undoubtedly do great food, Miller & Carter set themselves aside as being a destination restaurant. Somewhere to go to on a date or special occasion.

There are Miller & Carter restaurants all around the UK, with even more opening in 2017. A reaction to the increased interest in steakhouses and grillhouses of late no doubt.

So, on to the best bit…


We were greeted and seated by some really wonderful people. Often customer service can be a little, well, cold in places that are trying to convey an upmarket vibe. It couldn’t be much further from the truth at Miller & Carter as they were all warm, welcoming and knowledgeable. Hats off to Chris who served us, who I think was the manager. He was funny, charming and toed the line perfectly between being helpful in food choices and checking on the table, yet giving us our space to enjoy our meals, and the atmosphere!

To start, we ordered drinks. A Peroni for him and a mango mojito for me! I can’t say too much about the Peroni, but the mango mojito was delicious. It still had a hint of mint, and the sweetness of the mango worked well with it, particularly when the lime added a touch of sharpness through it.


I browsed through the menu and was genuinely stuck on a starter. My go-to dish is usually crispy bread crumb calamari, and while they did have a variation, I opted for something different. The pulled brisket croquettes caught my eye, and I am so glad I ordered them. The menu describes the dish as “Tender pulled brisket, delicately flavoured with bourbon and coated in a panko style breadcrumbs, with lemon aioli and dresses slaw”. They were SO good. Meaty, crispy and so flavourful. I wasn’t particularly keen on the slaw, but then again, I tend to pass on coleslaw so that’s entirely down to my tastes and not the way it was prepared- because it looked fab!


He ordered the baked cheddar mushrooms to start and I must admit I was very jealous. I love mushrooms, but all too often as a starter, they get overcooked. This starter however was perfect. He let me have a little taste, and it was fantastic. The garlic and cheddar sauce was creamy complimented the mushrooms rather than masked their taste.


For mains, we both chose steak. He a rare fillet, I a medium-rare sirloin. Now, the mains is where I will encourage you to err on the side of caution. For some reason, we decided that we’d get extra sides with our mains too, and we probably didn’t need one each. With your main meal, you already get an onion loaf- which is their variation on onion rings and was delicious! You also get a ‘wedge’ of lettuce with a topping of your choice. They’re not kidding when they call it a wedge, it really was a quarter wedge of lettuce. I swapped my chips for sweet potato fries, and he swapped his for mash. But we didn’t stop there, oh no. I then ordered a broccoli and cheese medley. After all, a meal isn’t a meal without a little green (and cheese!) and he ordered spinach that came with a fried egg on top. We just couldn’t finish it all! The steaks were mouth-wateringly perfect. Often it’s difficult to get rare steaks right, it’s so easy to overcook them, but I was assured that it was spot on, and I can’t fault them for any part of the meal. It was all fantastically cooked, and there was so much flavour in each separate section of the meal.

We needed a little break, and a breather from the food, so I ordered another drink. I had a strawberry summer fling. Which was a concoction of Bombay sapphire, elderflower cordial and strawberry puree among other things. It was insanely good. It tasted just like Summer and was sweet but not over poweringly so. Often strawberry flavoured things taste very sweet and sometimes taste a little, fake. This cocktail didn’t and if I wasn’t getting so full from the food I would have definitely ordered more. It also got me thinking how great a bar this would be for cocktail nights, and as I left, I spotted a fantastic little bar area.


He decided he was far too full for dessert, but as a true reviewer, I took the leap and perused the dessert menu. I am a girl with a sweet tooth for sure, and Miller & Carter’s dessert list was incredible. Banoffee bakewell tart stood out to me, as did the chocolate orange brioche bread and butter pudding, I mean that just sounds delightful. But I decided to go for something that combined two of my loves. The chocolate and peanut butter fondant. I was actually stumped as to what this could be, as to me fondant is like icing on a cake, so I imagined something that looked a little like ice cream. I was wrong. It looked a little like a chocolate pudding, the ones with ooey gooey centres. And while it was little more robust and a little less cakey than that, the centre was definitely ooey gooey- it had a big blob of perfect peanut butter in the middle. It was so good. But I was most definitely done after that!


All in all, I would highly recommend Miller & Carter for those looking for the perfect steak, or wanting to impress on a night out. The restaurant is clean and nicely laid out, the décor is a great mix of traditional and modern, the staff are fantastic and the food. Oh the food. I’ll never look at an onion ring in the same way!

933 Loughborough Road

I’m so pleased that there is a new Miller & Carter opening up down the road from me.

Spokesperson for Miller & Carter said: “Miller & Carter Steakhouse is pleased to announce the arrival of their second Leicestershire restaurant, set to open in the Spring of 2017 in Enderby. Following the success of the Rothley restaurant which opened in October this year, work is set to commence early next year to convert the Toby Carvery Enderby into the premium restaurant.

“Located on Leicester Road, the new Miller & Carter Enderby will be serving up the 30 day aged premium -graded beef that the brand is renowned for.”