Moving Home? 6 Things You MUST Do Before You Leave

Are you about to leave a rental property? Whether you are moving back home to save money, have bought your first home, are heading abroad or are just moving into another rental – there are a few things you need to do first.

There are two main reasons you should do these things, the first is out of courtesy to your landlord and the second is to ensure you get all your deposit back. Plus, all of them will make your life much easier in the long run – you don’t want to still be talking to your landlord months after you have left due to issues you left behind.

They are things you will probably do anyway – just make sure you do them properly and you will reap as much reward from it as your landlord and the next tenant.

1. Give reasonable notice 

This might seem obvious, but if there is one person that you need to tell you are leaving it is your landlord – and you must give them reasonable notice. If you are unsure of how much notice you need to give check your tenancy agreement or speak to your landlord. Generally, if you pay rent by the day or week, you must give 28 days notice. If you pay rent by the month, you must give 60 days notice. If your lease is fixed for a period longer than a month, you must also give 60 days notice. However, this may differ depending on the agreement you made with your landlord when you moved in.

2. Remove all your belongings 

Of course you are going to take all your belongings with you – they are yours and you want to keep them. But don’t leave behind the items you don’t want to keep. This is the perfect opportunity to have a clear out – so make sure you start early. Throw out the rubbish and sell anything you don’t want – you might even find that you make a few pennies to put towards your new home. Also, if the property is furnished make sure you put back anything you have moved.

3. Clean it

You must clean your entire property before you leave – again make sure you start this early. This doesn’t mean running a wet cloth over surfaces just before you close the door for the last time. This means a thorough clean of every corner or every room. If you don’t have time to do thins yourself or simply want to guarantee you get your deposit back why not call in the professionals from Molly Maid and let them do it for you.

4. Re-direct your mail 

You don’t want the new tenant to be bombarded with your mail and likewise you don’t want to risk your important and personal letters being opened and/or not passed on to you. So, head over to the Royal Mail and redirect you post. You can do this to any UK or overseas address for 3, 6 or 12 months.

5. Make sure all your bills are up-to-date
This will come back to bite you on the bum if you don’t and can cause a huge headache if, several months down the line, when you are paying bills for another property, you are contacted about old bills. As well as ensuring everything is paid, make sure you take readings incase you are contacted about bills you shouldn’t be paying.

6. Make any necessary repairs 

It is not down to you to fix general wear and tear around the property – the landlord should do this after you move out and before the new tenant moves in. What you should do is fix anything that you have broken and if it can’t be fixed, replace it. Again, if you don’t, this is likely to be taken out of your deposit – so it is in your interest to do it.

Illustration by bohobunnie