The Curvy Girl’s Guide To Summer Dressing

When it comes to summer dressing it doesn’t matter if you’re curvy, athletic or straight up and down, the same trends apply to you and you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in! However, we’ve put together some helpful tips below, which should make your summer dressing easier and much more comfortable…

 Don’t shy away from form fitting dresses

People keep telling curvy girls they should wear shift dresses that look like you’re wearing a small tent, when in fact something form fitting would look much better. As long as it’s not so tight you can see your belly button through it, it’s perfect for those summer BBQs and nights out after an evening in the pub garden. Pick up a slinky maxi dress and rock this with sandals and a kimono for perfect summer style.

Top tip: If, like many girls, you suffer with ‘chub rub’ while wearing a dress, check out this Buzzfeed post featuring some ingenious ways of battling it. Alternatively, a pair of cycling shorts worn underneath your outfit is always a good call and usually can’t be seen.

Avoid tight strappy tops

Underarm chafing is a secret battle many girls go through, when wearing a tight top and sweating; combat this by wearing a looser fit top that allows your armpits to get some air. The high neck styles on the high street at the moment are perfectly comfortable and loose.

Top tip: Choose breathable fabrics! Cotton is much cooler than polyester, so you’ll sweat less when the air con in the office packs in if you choose the right material for your summer dress.

Dip into the crop trend

Cropped tops aren’t going away anytime soon and they’re perfect for the summer months. Pair a Bardot design with some super wide legged trousers for that summer wedding or rock a high neck style with a flowing skater skirt. Choose an outfit that bares your midriff for a sexier summer look and if you fancy an allover tan but don’t have time to lie out in the sun then try out some of the products in this guide.

Choose mix and match swimwear

For many of us curvy girls, it’s hard to buy swimwear, as more often than not we need a larger size on top and smaller on the bottom but the high street doesn’t accommodate this. Head online and look for brands that let you buy tops and bottoms separately, so you can pick up the right sizes.

Chunky sandals go with everything

Chunky sandals are always a good call. Not only do they give you some height but they’re super comfortable too so are perfect for a night of dancing. This summer, mules are making a comeback again and look great with skinny jeans and a cami top for dinner on a Friday or with a jumpsuit for work.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. 

As you get hotter, your fingers swell, so in the summer months, adjustable rings can prevent any discomfort throughout the day as you simply make them bigger to accommodate any swelling!

Top tip: Sunglasses chains aren’t for your Grandma anymore; lots of high street brands are now designing fun chains that should save you from losing your prized pair of Ray Bans at the beach.