Tutus and pettiskirts are here! Interview with Dolly by Le Petit Tom Hungary

pettiskirt, tutu, plussize, DollyThe history of pettiskirts dates back to the 16th century when it was the essential support worn under skirts and dresses and functioned as an optical illusion, creating a thinner waistline. In the last few centuries this undergarment disappeared but recently it is having a major comeback but it’s not being hidden anymore. The multiple layers of chiffon ruffles create an exciting alternative for Carrie Bradshaw’s famous tutu skirt and though I am a huge fan of both, I asked the woman who knows everything about these skirts. My interview with Emília Seres, the Hungarian exclusive distributor of Dolly by Le Petit Tom.

Susie: Lets start by clarifying the difference between a tutu and a pettiskirt!

Emília : Dolly pettiskirts are made of soft chiffon with a special production technique, adding together multiple layers. Dolly tutus are made of 4 layers of tulle which is a slightly stronger material compared to chiffon.

Susie: Are these skirts only for special occasions or can we incorporate them into our daily outfits?

Emília: I like to say that your personality and the accessories paired with them will determine whether it is an elegant or street style chic wear. Our customers have already worn Dolly skirts for weddings but I’ve received fond memories shared in emails, mentioning how they loved wearing these skirts for a date or for a concert, too. With the holidays approaching you can definitely bring elegant chic to a company dinner party or to a family reunion, regardless of your age or weight!

Susie: What is your styling advice for plus size girls?

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Emília: The preconception by my curvy customers is that the tutu is more flattering for them, however I do not agree completely since tulle is slightly more rigid material while pettiskirts provide an optical effect for plus size girls, creating an hourglass figure as the chiffon layers end in a skater skirt shape. Pettiskirts are available in more than 40 colours and various styles, including added lace or silver and gold details, all listed on our website. But the most important advice: love the skin you live in and the clothes will complement your inner glow!

Susie: Who are your typical customers?

Emília: Hard to describe as there are women of various ages or shapes who love our skirts. Housewives, curvy ladies or celebrities all love pettiskirts and tutus – just to name a few famous Hungarians: Dorina Galamos (singer, Mrs Columbo), Fanni Sárközy (pianist, Mrs Columbo) or Réka Farkasházy (actress, singer). New customers tend to be uncertain due to their limits, created by their minds to worry about age or shape but the moment they try on a skirt, all fears are gone with the wind! I love to see the happiness in their eyes caused by these feminine and romantic clothes and the belief that beauty does not depend on size or age!

plussize, Beauty With Plus, pettiskirt, tutu

Article & Interview by Zsuzsanna Susie Szkiba (Beauty With Plus)


Pettiskirts: Dolly by Le Petit Tom Hungary (Dolly Hungary Facebook page)

Model: Zsuzsanna Susie Szkiba (Beauty With Plus on Facebook)

Photographer: Szilvia Máth (Umamira Photography Facebook)

Stylist: Dóra Edina Nyaka (Dorothy’s Fashionland)

Makeup: Krisztina Godó (Krisztina Makeup Facebook)

Hair: Edit Tímár (Edit Tímár hairtylist Facebook)

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plussize, Beauty With Plus, pettiskirt, tutu

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