Dancing In The Street The Show!

We here at Evolve LOVE a bit of a boogie and a sing along, so when we had the chance to attend Dancing In The Street at Demontfort Hall we jumped, leaped and sashayed to it.

As I sat down, I noticed the glitzy, glamorous stage was set for a band and the reaction and atmosphere was electric waiting for the show to start. There were already people waiting eagerly at the front, passing on their seats and ready to dance the night away. Yes, that’s right, there was a ready made dancefloor in front of the stage- my kind of night!

The show started with an introduction to the ‘cast members’ (if that’s what we can call them) that consisted of 4 men, 3 women and a full band all clothed in dazzling, superb outfits that wouldn’t go amiss in a museum dedicated to the 60s. It was clear that we were in for a visual treat as much as an audible one, with the lighting reacting to the sounds on the stage. Donning some suave American accents, the show was segmented into artists and performers, there were The Supremes, naturally, Martha & The Vandellas, of course, The Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and so. much. more. Taking you through the rich tapestry of Motown music, and the artists who became infamous in their own right

There wasn’t a song we didn’t recognise, and not a foot that wasn’t tapping away. Personal favourites ‘Baby Love’ and ‘Heatwave’ were met to a huge sing a long, and rightly so and the whistles, cheers and applause the performers got were incredible. It really was a night to remember and the magic didn’t stop there. Two weeks down the line and I’m still singing ‘Wait A Minute Mr Postman’!

If you know somebody who’s a sixties wildchild, a vintage lover or just wants a really top night, I would highly recommend going to see Dancing In The Street. I know I’ll be returning!

Check out the Dancing In The Street tour dates below

dancing in the street tour dates