Debenhams – Keeping it Real!

Last week I wrote about the disgraceful airbrushing of Beyonce modelling a, well, disgraceful Roberto Cavalli dress.

She was unrecognisable, in a very bad way!

Now I am delighted to report that High Street giant Debenhams is banning the airbrushing of models modelling for their campaigns saying ‘Retailers have a moral obligation to ban the airbrush’.

Debenhams go on to say ‘We want other retailers to follow suit and encourage positive body-image through minimal retouching rather than bombarding them with unattainable body images’


That is a very good thing.


It gives us all (especially the young and impressionable) a realistic picture of a normal body, not an air-brushers impression of how a body should look in clothes that would not go around most of our calf muscles.

Messrs Rubens and Boticelli would certainly approve!

The US based organisation Miss Representation has highlighted this many times in the past in their Keep it Real campaigns (I’ve written about this in April 12’s issues) as well as the campaign run by SPARK (also featured in April 12’s issue) which forced Seventeen magazine in the US to stop airbrushing models unrealistically.

Now lets congratulate Debenhams and get other retailers to follow in the UK and campaign to stop this ridiculous airbrushing nonsense for once and for all and save us a lot of grief and heartache in the process!