ITV’s This Morning – Plus Size Debate or Bullying?

I recently had the misfortune to be watching Katie Hopkins (she of The Apprentice and Celebrity Jungle fame) debate (more like dishing out insults and vitriol) the singer Alison Moyet’s comments that she felt happier being larger (having lost a vast amount of weight) with the rather charming plus size model Rachel Cooper Wherry on ITV’s This Morning.

This Morning

It made for very uncomfortable viewing and it stayed with me for a good few days and not in a good way.

Amongst some of the more unkind comments Ms Hopkins spewed out included a spurious claim that larger people are a drain on tax payers and the NHS, she wouldn’t employ a larger person, larger people are inherently lazy, eat too much, lack discipline and are deluding themselves into thinking big is beautiful. Poor hapless Rachel was no match for this level of abuse and why should she be!

Ms Hopkins, whilst arguably came across as the slimmer of the two, but her comments which she spat out like venom made her look ugly. Rachel on the other hand looked lovely, dignified and kind not to mention shocked.

I’m all for free speech etc etc but when its nasty, mean and downright discriminatory, I’m not so sure. I was torn as to  whether I should give this airtime but it was so mean, cruel and unfair, I feel its time to stand up against bullying and discrimination and meanness just because of size. As the debate continued on twitter it seems a lot of you on Twitter agree with me. Hopefully in the future ITV’s This Morning will choose some one else when discussing these debates instead of someone that just attacks .

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  • Chelseadsmith

    I totally agree. Her words were disgusting and rather damaging. To hurt someones feelings is horrible, especially on national daytime TV. Her ignorance towards plus size women is quite unreal..

  • Michelle

    It was bullying pure and simple! The model real was no match for her torrid of insults

  • Jo

    Katie Hopkins is completely repugnant.