Beyonce Gets The Chop

I nearly choked on my cornflakes (with full fat milk) and toast (lathered with full fat butter), drinking my mug of tea (yes you guessed it with full fat milk), when I opened the newspaper last week to see Beyonce looking ,well not very like Beyonce, but very weird doll like version of herself modelling a Roberto Cavalli dress. It reminded me of a Barbie I once had!

Beyonce as Barbie

Beyonce as Barbie

The perfectly gorgeous and bootylicious one, had been digitally remastered and photo-shopped to look like one of those creepy weird dolls you see everywhere at the moment, with long legs, teeny tiny waists, big eyes and massive boobs, they practically cut her in half sideways and lengthened her upwards. I actually thought it was a joke, a bit of a pee take, only to realise that it was real and that in the la la world of high fashion, the magnificent Beyonce doesn’t even make the grade.

Beyonce as she really is

Beyonce as she really is

Now I am a well seasoned adult, who after years of abuse about my size from strangers to friends and even from my sister, does not give a tuppenny s*it what anyone thinks. I am what I am and all that, and am well able to handle it, but what about that impressionable teenager, who is just starting out on her or his wobbly journey into adulthood, does this say to them that a beautiful healthy lady, blessed with talent and a great voice, at the pinnacle of her career, with millions in the bank, a husband and baby, a great bum and figure is deemed to be less than acceptable by the fashionistas and magazine editors in the gloriously beautiful body that she possesses.

What does it say to the woman who has just carried a baby in her lovely body and is carrying a few extra pounds as a result?

What does it say to those of us who have suffered from losing our jobs, breakups, debt, stress and put on that bit of weight as a result?

What does it say to those if us who are simply happy in the bodies we possess?

What sort of message is that sending out to all of us?

How bloody disrespectful!

No more Cavalli handbags, sunglasses or jewellery for me, not that I ever had any!


PS I finished my full fat breakfast and then had a muffin as a mark of rebellion!

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  • Jackie Cassidy

    I think she looks much better with out he photo shop. I do think ha effect hey did on the legs would be cool in a Tim Burton like photo. For this they did not shop it enough for me to think it is a cool art take. They also shopped it to much for me to be like well they photo shop all photos these days. It just looks bad!

  • candice

    Thats the thing about Robert Cavalli and other fashion drawings out there….this is the norm for those drawings.