BPSFW Styling Masterclass

The Styling Masterclass kicked off the second day at BPSFW, and it was a really useful and insightful class about finding the right colour for you and your skintone. It was ran by the lovely Hannah of ‘Find My Style‘ If you can find the right colour to suit your skintone, you don’t have to wear as much makeup! Big bonus in my book!  Drape a colour over your shoulder, directly next to your face to see which colours suit you. There will inevitably be a colour that makes you look radiant alsmot immediately and other colours that completely wash you out. A quick colour test will tell you what colour is the winner for you. Keep these colours in mind for those shopping trips!

The Lovely Hannah of Find My Style

class2 class3



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Bethany Brown, Style Consultant at SimplyBe
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